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Turn your practice into a profitable and predictable machine so you can enjoy the time freedom as a family’s most Trusted Advisor.  Prime Program isn’t just a course; it’s the systems, community, and counsel you want and need to thrive.

Dr. Skip Wyss, Founder of Prime Coaching Company

Turn your practice into a profitable and predictable machine so you can enjoy the time freedom as a family’s most Trusted Advisor. Prime Program isn’t just a course; it’s the systems, community, and counsel you want and need to thrive.


Up-level your practice and your life in your local community with the Prime Program online course, systems and trainings.

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Does your vision for “the perfect practice” include being  The Preeminent Source for healthcare in your local community?  It should.   Becoming a local influencer is a worthy goal, for such social positioning widens and deepens trust with the families that need your care. 

Having dominated our local market through repeatable systems for years, our multi-million-dollar practice gives us a profound freedom that has allowed us to live life on our own terms.   It’s now our honor to empower you with the same proven methodologies to help you scale YOUR growth.  After all, your community deserves your best.  

The Prime Program will equip you to help more families faster.

We are Dr.’s Julie and Skip Wyss, and our mission is to help you become THE go-to source for healthcare in your local market…  you know– to have the parents come to you as their most trusted advisor for their child’s healthcare! Follow us, and we’ll guide you to success! Let’s Go!!


Values and Clarity

  • Discover your “internal motivation”
  • Gain pediatric congruency within your practice
  • Gain vital pediatric principles to grow mind, money balance, and currency exchange
  • Grow internally to grow externally
  • Understand what separates you from everyone else

Execution and Certainty

  • Vital adjusting technique for the youngest of nervous systems
  • Bullet-proof pregnancy strategies / Webster’s Technique Clarity
  • Build professional alliances that refer to your practice by name!
  • Build interprofessional relationships that actually refer
  • Become the Beacon of Hope for every family in your community
  • Create a community of health for your patients

Systems and Confidence

  • The 4 vital exams every doctor must know
  • Time-tested bullet-proof examination strategies
  • REASONS you are giving care recommendations
  • Clear, concise, and safe X-ray procedures
  • Vital report of findings strategies that make an impact
  • Primitive reflexes “Enough Said”


Devin Reissing DC, CACCP

Before joining the Prime Program, I felt lost, was completely unsure and had absolutely no clarity in how to work with babies through adolescents.

Dr. Katey Senebouttarath, Iowa

I feel more confident in my abilities to help children. Prime Program provides a strong foundation for any chiropractor.

Dr. Steven Roushar, Utah

…Since joining my practice has been more enjoyable and profitable! …If you want to level your pediatric practice, I highly recommend this program!


My mission is to help you become efficient and systematized, to build a simple and successful family practice, and to become the families’ most trusted advisor. Along this transformative journey, you receive the time-and-battle-tested practices, tips, and tricks I have learned and studied through my own certifications and experiences.


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Dr. Skip Wyss is a pediatric, pregnancy, and family practice chiropractor. He is co-owner of Prime Family Chiropractic Centers in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Dr. Skip sees over 70% children in his office and over half of those children are newborns and children under 1 year of life! Dr. Skip is also the Co-Founder of Prime Program, Prime Coaching Company and Prime Podcast.