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The Prime Program will empower you to implement with confidence and grow your practice to the next level, to impact your community more than ever before as THE trusted source!


Up-level your practice and your life in your local community with the Prime Program online course, systems and trainings.

Get PRIMED for success– PRIMED for life!






Clear and SIMPLE reports supported by your findings 

Become CONFIDENT in your care recommendations

UNDERSTAND how Insight scan data correlates to your exams

Gain FREEDOM from constantly trying to sell your patients

Be the BEACON OF HOPE for every family in your community

Give your patients the CLARITY and hope they deserve

Pediatric Examination


  • Pediatric and Newborn Examination Training      
  • Bulletproof Examination Strategies    
  • Primitive Reflex Comprehension

Adolescent and Teen

Exam Mastery

  • Preteen and Teenage Exam
  • Primitive Reflex Reintegration
  • Simple, Clear, and Concise Communication


Master Class

  • Websters Analysis and Training
  • Thompson and Tonal Pregnancy Analysis 
  • Creating a Pregnancy Culture


Practice Secrets

  • NEVER Screen AGAIN!
  • How to create Raving Fans
  • Become an Internal Referral Machine

Infant Technique Mastery

  • Advanced Infant Headrest Training
  • Logan Basic Training
  • Tonal Pediatric Approach

ROF & Care Plans that Convert

  • ROF’s that Convert
  • Confident Care Plan Creation
  • Clearly Communicate

Pediatric X-Ray

Master Class

  • Safe and Fast X-ray Training
  • Proper X-ray Positioning 
  • Clear & Simple ROF Interp

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